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words count

words count

It seems that it can measure how much it is being read, but how accurate is it? It seems to calculate based on display time. It is not necessarily that the display time and reading are equal. If you construct reasoning based on data that may be inaccurate, the likelihood of being an error increases. Therefore, it may be necessary to doubt that 1,000 letters on the street are good, 2000 is good, 3000 or more characters are never read. I would like to find out how long it is good in my own way.

“Drop in” and “Write down”

If I was concerned with the word of dropping in, I saw Soseki’s “write down” expression in Atsushi Goto “Battle with modern Japanese literature”.

Masaharu Numata “Birds that she does not know its name”

Structurally the same as “Fifty Shades of Gray”? Can it be called Harlequin type? Modified Cinderella Story, Transformed My Fair Lady, Can we do such a description? Contrary to the evil decoration, the skeleton is romantic.
Can you say that it will be such a story when “Street of No Return” is replaced with a girl? Therefore, it is made into a movie. Samuel Fuller may have been quoted at the production conference.

Just a small car out of order

It is not to say that it is a malfunction. However, it is just different from usual. What can not be said clearly. For example, rather than the braking effectiveness, it is different from usual whether it is a kind of reaction or a kind of sound. I think that it may be a problem on this side, not on the side of the car. He is a man of physical condition.
Tired eyes
Asthenopia? My eyes feel tired.

Hot day continues

The heat that wilts also continues. When asthenopia is added to this, I do not feel like touching the PC.


I wonder if there is something different. A ghost story? That’s a story. And one nods. Is it a rainy moon tale than Yotsuya ghost stories? I would like to write a process called reading, writing, writing and reading. I do not like literary things and I do not like stories. Then, what kind of thing is good? It is not in the form. It suffices if the emotion moves. It is his own emotion and the emotion of the reader. For that, how is it required to write?

Questions that appeared in Amazon Review

For a moment, I was interested in the top reviewer, I read the reviews in bulk. I admired that I could write a review so much, and at the same time, I also thought that this is really a user’s voice. Even though it is not stealth marketing or fighting, it seems that only a few biased voices will be displayed when it is occupied by a few “well-writers”.

Bloomberg “Apple’s TV business”

Quality of news to be shown semi-compulsively at # Edge

An entertainment article of “just watching TV programs”. Quotation close to plagiarism from Instagram, Twitter. I wonder if there is anything wrong. I wonder if he is going to do anything.

Do you need impressions, criticism, criticism, or such sentences?

Such things are commonplace and criticism is a weak person’s bullying thing that it only makes things that can be criticized. There is absolutely no criticism directed to powerful person as a true strong man. I also hear that thinking is disliked. Even if you criticize for those people it will be ineffective. We are only seeking consent. We are only seeking approval. If you consider things that play the same role as criticism and criticism in such a space, you must take a different form from criticism and criticism.
Then, what format is it? I would like to experiment with this blog.


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