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Think about the quality of WEB information obtained by member registration and payment

Think about the quality of WEB information obtained by member registration and payment

Most people disappoint after paying money or registering as a member. Oh, what I think is good to pay is rare. Paid newspaper articles etc. are not bad, but it seems to me that the question of whether there was anything that only money was paid, or whether there was only a matter of registering membership. I guess it is because I can not find a qualitative difference from what I get for free. Compared with predictors of betting tickets and information shops of police, we conclude that WEB ‘s information shop says that it can only be heard here by this information View. Often I’m thinking about something to say as deadly, or somewhere else to get it. From this point of view, if there is a response that it can only be obtained here, even if it is boring, I do not think there is any regret for paying money.
Is not it fascinating to think about my own psychology about consuming on the web a little more? Considering the possibility of minimal consumption while comparing what is generally told.
According to what I hear, it seems that they do not consume about things I do not know. Consuming it is something you know in some way. CM, government offices and their obligations, knowing what they know, pay the money regardless of the facts. Fraud and others are using this psychology. In order to lead consumer behavior, it seems that something called parentship content marketing is also done on the Internet as giving a sense of familiarity.
I feel that virtue is overflowing. In such a circumstance, I try to make a contradictory question of what it is like to obtain existence value as not being valuable. Even if it is intended for useless, if you do not feel useful anything, no monetary payment will be made
Entertainment is paid by saying that it was fun, or it seemed fun. Whether we should stick to the point that it is unexpected, fun, whether it is useless or looks worthless.
Even with strange things, it seems fun and interesting, so you can earn money. The purpose is to make people happy, but I think that what people are pleased with is nothing but imagining from the point of what they rejoice in the long run. I do not necessarily agree with what I think is fun and what people think is interesting, but I kept offering what I do not think is interesting, because people are interesting and in the end, what I do not understand what it is. Even if you emphasize people’s pleasure, I think that within themselves there must be something like weight on their interests. Should I say even the distance with my interest? In order to have this sense of distance, it is necessary to say what you think interesting.


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