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road. cloud. wood. table. Wind. Chair. car.

road. cloud. wood. table. Wind. Chair. car.
After a long journey, I forgot the purpose of the trip.
I am traveling by car. Will this be repetitive? Repetition of movement and break. Mail delivery. Transportation industry. Deliver baggage. Deliver a word. Deliver a message.
I live there. That is, residence. A table, a chair and a bed are placed in the wilderness. It is better to keep silence than to write things not in line with your will.
Start by writing as you wish.
Maintenance and power. Community. Thinking while driving a car. I put more meaningless words. Autumn wind flows. Dancing people. Pass by that side. Compassion and good people.
Brothel. Sound of the drum. With memory and smile. Memory and reality. Virtual people. Inability of the state. Citizen's helpless. Power of fantasy. Scandal, nude. Memory and fantasy. TV, movies, novels, theater, music, art, that is, culture, art, entertainment, entertainment.
Birds and airplanes. With noise and silence. Arashi and the day of summer. Doubt, human distrust, social distrust, pessimism, hermit. Self-collapse.
I throw myself somewhere and become a new human being. I think it is the purpose of this trip. I did not mean to escape, but I was a fugitive person before I knew it.
Hostility and favor. Others of fantasy. Fantasy self.
The journey becomes a daily iteration, the daily iteration becomes a journey. Even traveling back and forth in the same place will be a trip. A journey without endlessness is only to make a round trip to the same places of ordinary everyday life.
Words are the beginning of oppression. The beginning of liberation was also from words.
What the eyebrows point. Expressions and voice. Represent emotion in voice. Express emotion with face.
Dark eyebrows and thin eyebrows.
The time required for sentiment seems to be twenty years. It is too close in one decade in ten years. That times is required. Is that something like that?
Sleepiness attacks. Stop the car. Afternoon. Sleeping in the summer.
Long napping. Waking up, late night. It turns into a place I do not recognize around. No, I noticed that it was originally an unknown place.
Challenge. I see obligation and humanity in American movies. Is it acceptable for Bushido to be in duty and humanity in any country? In general, Bushido is not the original of Japan. It is a blend of chivalry spirit and Confucianism.
I had a strange association before dawn. I thought that it was not only this time. Always, all the time, during this trip all the time I've done a strange association. Without context, words came up, and memories that are not so much remembered continue. Memory enough to remember? What is important? In case of
There was no memory of a long long journey that seemed to be the same as long long, this tedious journey, which is not going to go anywhere, only the things before the beginning of the journey were remembered.


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