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I dropped a coin.

I dropped the money and rolled on the back of the vending machine.

The money dropped on the back of the vending machine. It is a coin. When I got a good age, I got lost because I reached out to the gap, it happened that someone in the store setting up this vending machine saw it, he said, I will pick you up. While I missed the opportunity to refuse, I seemed to have gone far back, and I returned to the shop to find an affordable stick. The person of the store brought in the broom, hardly inserted it into the gap and wrote the small change.
Thank you very much, others saying no words coming up, I took the change and went off, but at least it should have added a blue skirt, or something, but it also seems to be great Say, wasting the coin is to lose the money of the earth forever, etc, suddenly suddenly, the blue ruffled Fujinura historic site was concerned and tried searching on Google.
I noticed that somehow I thought that the place of Fujisuna residence was the place of “Ten writings”. However, if it seems that it is a false truth that he does not really understand, and looking at other search results, even if the 10,000 yen note is lost, the nation does not suffer losses, but Fujitsuna is making a misunderstanding, I found something like that. I think that it would be different between convertible banknotes and invalid banknotes, or the nation loses its argument, the argument is shifted, the essence of this anecdote is that any small existence is important I thought. The logic to overturn a shallow profitable account is attractive.
Speaking of a shallow disposable income account, this is a story I heard, so I do not know whether it is true or false, but some major advertising agency seems to teach that a small job will not be done, a human will be smaller. If you do a big job, you should be able to do a bigger person, but people who do a big job feel like a lot of things that people are not very popular. This may be a case. Is not the public and the small people different? In case of
Words emerge, that the citizens dwell and make inadequate, the dwarfs are indeed quiet and doing wrong, there is no place. After watching Kimiko, followed by another person who does not do much when alone, when he encounters a wonderful person, such things as saying that he will try to show it straight on the upper side alone are told, I think that it was supposed that it was said that it was because the upper side was just cured. And it was concluded that it was concluded that it is important not to be the upper side but “true”, that is, even if it was alone, it was concluded that it was concluded that it is concluded that this word , I do not do rude things are emphasized, I felt that the second part was thrown away, I thought that the second half is important.


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