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Using Google Translate

Using Google Translate

I write various sentences and try out the translation. There are many mistakes but I am fixing it. Even though it does not understand the meaning, there are things that it keeps as it is.

I started having expectations

I started being translated automatically, so I could express something funny. There was also because it touched on the report that the accuracy was rising. However, it seems that Japanese that omits the subject is difficult. There are many times I make a mistake in context judgment. Although there seems to be some depending on the type of sentences as well.

Inversion of what to write and how to write.

My sentences may be called evil sentences. If automatic translation is also incomplete, is my sentences incomplete, incomplete and incomplete conflicts, will not we give some content to contents with no content? Something comes to mind, not writing what I write, while writing. It is the opposite of the theme, which is often written in writing practice. Something comes out while fighting with the act of writing. The theme comes out. I thought like that.

style and term

I devise a way of writing. I devise a word to use. If so, I also thought that highly accurate translations could be made, but accustomed is a terrible thing, and as I repeat the words, I become the usual writing style. Especially, I am amazed to keep nuance at the end of the sentence, without knowing it without knowing it.
In Japanese, it seems to be thinking like Japanese.

Should we start writing in English

So, should we start writing in English from the beginning? If you notice the mistranslation and make corrections, it seems to be faster to write in English from the beginning. There will be something of a bad way of writing though it is nothing. Unnoticed, I feel like to escape from playing with automatic translation.

Fight with mistranslation

Studying English is fine, too, but I think that it is interesting to write in sentences that are translated automatically by fighting with mistranslation. Writing a plausible thing on a blog is not boring. I am with Goman who is a good English writer. However, strange English comes out only at this time when Japanese like feces is translated incorrectly by mistake. Whether it’s worth it, it’s another story, but it’s more fun than value.

Demolition of meaning

When various meanings combine and various meanings collapse, new things can not be seen. To that end, I decided to continue writing according to a certain rule so that my purpose would be dismantled. Write about 1,000 characters each day. There is no such theme. Words will not run away when the story ends.

Utilization of paintings

What if we combine mistranslation, picture and music, and it also took a different way from the usual, that is, advertising method? Keep trying, floating with questions, fiction, information communication, value to others.


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