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the end of the adbenture

Find the box

In this way, I met a box. I thought it was a treasure. Originally it is just a belief. Therefore, it can not be said that it is a mistake. Everything will be a treasure.

Box contents

In fact, what is inside? It is quite heavy. It is not easy to move. With complete whole body, it finally started moving. It was not that there was a special smell, nor did it shine. It was just solid.

Reasons to carry

I do not know why this thought box saves people. If the time comes, I can tell by opening it. I believed so. In general, what does it mean that people are saved? What will happen? In the case of

Carrying a box

When I thought about it, I was not sure where I was going. I wish I should take it to the town? I do not know which way to get to the city. But I thought it was vaguely to the people, so it probably went to the town. I believed that what is important is that thought. Carry this for people. With this faith, I thought that surely I should reach somewhere.

Change in mass 1

Did your thought go through? The box felt lighter and steadily. The walk became light. I cut the wind and went on. Clouds moved away one after another. I pierced through several dusts.

Travel time

I was ruled by the emotional feelings. I never felt such a pleasure. Useful for people. The time of solitude until now is rewarded. That time has come. When I thought of this, I suddenly got tired.


I sat in a box. The wind calmed down. Time has become quiet.


I thought that a lot of time passed. Long time. It was long till I met a box. A long time passed since I met the box. He was moving all the while. How long have you been absent like this?


The world was widely felt than ever. The sky is expensive. There will be no access to the clouds. No, really is it so. If you can do this endless journey, will not the hand reach the clouds too?


Although it got lighter while it carried, it is no wonder that the box floats in the air with the addition or subtraction of something. If it is really needed, will it float on my own and will not light down. Is not it necessary that it is not necessary?

I tried to move again.

I have to make sure that it is really needed. Again, I tried to make it move again.

Change in mass 2

I did not move even if I pushed it. I remembered that it was. It was something that did not move quite well even at the first time. I put more effort, but this time it did not move.

Give up

I thought that this was not a treasure of mankind. And I also thought that I had no mission. Only one woman who was abandoned in the wilderness, who had nothing to do, had no role from anyone, was noticed, and he was at a loss.


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