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The diner

The diner

Shopkeepers and waitresses, it one person young man of customers.

Young man

It has a meal alone. Even though, there is no money. He has  a  coffee. I  think that he is hungry.

Threesome  is incoming.

Two woman , A middle  aged  man. They are laughing out  loud. I do not know what are they talking about. They had drinks  wines, whiskies at the other places. The man wrears a tuxedo , good stout.  Flashy women   put on makeup and  dresses.  They cross their arms. They sit down with loud noises in the box  at the back of a young man, and summoned a waitress in a loud voice, start the order.

Young man frown

Young man to fuss next to the table is frowning. Extra commotion because the belly is decreasing is would be harsh.

Waitress comes carrying the meal.

Threesome continues commotion. But I should say that continues to laugh earnestly. Not notice the waitress that has carried the meal.
Waitress view towards the shopkeeper in trouble, but the shopkeeper has a blind deliberately known. Waitress boldly, raise the loud. What surprised me was the only young man, pretending to not know the shopkeeper, hidden in the back.

Judgment of waitress

The waitress put a meal that has been carried to the next to the young man of the table. Towards the young man, was I have kept you waiting, I think more than orders, had left to say relax please please, and. The young man decided to get a grateful meal.

 The end of the turmoil

Even if the time to be coming to an end young man of the meal, but had continued to laugh threesome, it ended up in the wake of such a thing.

One person is too laugh threesome, flip over, beat a young man of the table.

Seemed middle-aged man tried to touch the breast of the woman, where averted only with bad yo, Nante said, seemed out of balance. It will fall down a young man of the table of the next, despite the remaining few, the meal became ill with a young man. Whether the fall the way was bad, whether made was bad, the table was cracked in Mapputatsu.


Women are poured a small amount of blood to apologize. Stunned to that young man. Middle-aged man is still laughing. And Dakiokoshi the woman fell down with another woman, to sit in the seat. While middle-aged man laughed, he apologized to the woman and the young man who shed blood, pass the wad of much forehead. Breaking the sleeve of the shirt, was the hemostatic wound to the women of the affected area. In addition, pass the money to another woman, I say to leave the store with her women who shed blood. When the two women leave, middle-aged man is again apologize to the young man, I say to call the shopkeeper to the waitress. While the waitress is calling shopkeeper, middle-aged men to the young man, welcome back, and talk. The young man leave the store to say thanks. Shopkeeper appeared in turnover.


At first, it was a middle-aged man who was talking to the effect that compensation for damage to the table, notice that does not come goods orders to your table. It came about an hour after has elapsed. Why, middle-aged man to direct the anger did not carry the meal, to the shopkeeper. Shopkeeper waitress makes a mistake, it is the responsibility of the waitress, and break the ice. Waitress angry, quit as far as today, and leave the store. Compensation are not, say middle-aged man. Protest shopkeeper. Two people quarrel continues.

That young man was waiting outside.

Waitress out of the shop, with just around the first corner, that young man was waiting. Young men who say thank you to the waitress. Waitress that I surprised. If good, somewhere, to the young men to invite, nods waitress. Middle-aged man and the shopkeeper is a state that began to fisticuffs.
























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