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The dim outline of a jetty

The dim outline of a jetty

The wind blow yellow sands. The tide is in.

Experiments of words

It is also an experiment of how much writing can be done. Regardless of its content, I continue to ask how much I can write as an amount.

No need to explain on picture

Enjoying pictures is because I want to capture something that is not words. CG is different from handwriting, I think that it is a play with a more abstract impression. However, the Internet seems to ask for words. I heard that, so I thought if something changed will happen if I put words as much as possible.
However, I do not want explanation. I wonder if there are any interesting words.
After all, although it may be supposed to be explanation, snake feet, I want to try various things while playing with Google translation. He also expects something new discovery may be possible.

Blank levee

I do not decide the title in particular to make a picture. However, I start with the relationship between air and the object. The air of the old Tokyo emerging in “thin snow” also glanced over. Dust is blown up in the breeze. I think that such an explanation was done. The Kansai people seem to desolate in Tokyo.

Yellow wind blows.

I thought about something different from dust. It is Sci-Fi flavor. Somewhere different from this star. She strayed into herself. There is no one, should not be. Dry place.

The tide is full.

With water from anywhere, water approaches the bank. It is eroded one step, one step. At some point, I stop at where I come to the top. It is high tide.

The bank will continue wherever it goes.

It is certainly a single road, but I do not know how long I can return to the original place. Even if I go ahead, I do not know how much I will proceed somewhere. Generally it is a bank. It may be a jetty. It can be a dead end. Either going or going or going to continue walking. I caught the word “dead end,” and decided to return.

Continue walking

It is certainly a return street, but you can not get to it no matter how much it walks. I think that I should not have walked such a thing, but I can not reach the original place. I continued walking in the blurred sand and covered with sand so that only the feelings that I kept walking endlessly seemed to be certain, and eventually I wondered whether I was going back or going ahead, The determination is becoming obscene.

Be at a loss.

In this way the past and the future are vague places, and it gets tired. But decide that there is no choice but to walk and walk. Is it returning or going ahead?











And Tokyo



江戸っ子はあからさまに愛情表現をしない、という文化があると聞く。好きだからこそ、悪口を言う。だから、東京愛を歌うものは少ないのか、とも思ったりもする。一方で、そんな江戸っ子文化は残っているのだろうか? とも思う。残っていたのなら、週刊誌は皆、廃刊になるだろう。


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