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the adventure

People, wilderness, box.

A woman who found a box in the wilderness.


The wilderness of noon, which will last forever.

that person

Where are you from?

existence reason

The beginning was asking for something. So, it started to move. Wealth, fame. To be something, it is necessary to head somewhere not here. As time passes, everyone forget their original purpose. Now I can only aim to keep on walking.
Unlike the beginning, the beginning is made. From the beginning, I think that I was aiming to keep walking. In other words, I believe that I was going to travel from the beginning, that I did not stop thinking of drifting. Born and raised was also making falsehood born and raised. It was a noble species.
A long, long trip alone requires a story. Otherwise, I can not keep on walking. It is possessed by such thought. At first there is another story, according to the purpose of it, I went on a journey, but I forgot the purpose, I forgot the purpose. Even though I was able to keep on walking for the purpose of keeping on walking, I have forgotten that as well.
I forgot to completely forget that there is an old story, I got a new story.
I was born in a noble family, took on the journey on the grounds of its family and the mission of human relief. Beyond many hardships, we have to obtain the treasure necessary for the relief of humanity. It is a belief that you are receiving such an order.


It was colored with many sufferings, but nothing actually happens. However, I just keep on walking. I do not memorize hunger and dryness, but just continue walking to the wilderness that continues to where.

Meaning indicated by space

The sun never sinks will chase forever forever. I want to seek a lost night, but thanks to that I do not have to sleep. I also think that time is lost.
One of the things that shows time is the wind. Slowly, blowing, it disappears, it blows again. Time is inscribed in that iteration.
It was the dust that flew up to show that there was that wind. It should be said that this is a hardship, but it does not do any disturbance. I just thought that it was soaring, I did not hurt my eyes.
Another cloud is to show the wind and to show time. Flow, spring up, sometimes disappear. Right now it has come up with muzzlers. And there was something that appeared vaguely. It was a box.


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