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on the road

The road

Put a soul on the road. Left behind. Left is to everyone husk. A variety of people, the way that various things has passed. Different times faced by each. Everyone also is independent of him. Everything is irrelevant.

Cloudless blue

Everyone is sky had seen, had watched everyone also. It exists to support the time.

Beyond the haze

All were drawn here. It had a vaguely. Nothing's no longer know, there is a cause that got away. Distance it is funny. I too far.

Seemingly endless road

Place to make time. Location to carry the thought. Left behind to have been souls drifts location. People each time each time, as if it were waste the soul, is to throw away. Otherwise, on to say, even if you can not move.

Rolling hills

Another of life. life. Where the dream is directed. Left behind by the grief is directed location of the soul.

Two trees

The presence, in order to confirm. It indicates that moved.

That passed

Existence. time. Man. object.


Illusion. Reminiscence.

Dry air

For lost time the rain. But who that continue to exist.

Wind of the desolate

Tsumikasanara not that time had joined.

Things to come



Vestiges of the person who walked.

center line

Those that divide the go and return. But, again, it's rare to see the people passing through this road.


What has been flowing from the other side of the hill ends here. In addition, another wind blows.

Dry grass

Life to live in its shadow.

The middle of a journey.

Suffer from the thought of bleaching, keep walking. Where it came from either. It seems like that long ago. Certainly going to was a journey.

People keep walking.

Nothing without. Just keep walking. Departure If also uncertain, had also forgotten purpose.


No one is driving. Forgotten automobile. Without placing a person, how far also keep running. I wonder if either no fuel? I wonder someone once that was driving. Similarly walk continues to person, to come from somewhere, or are you going to where, why, how it is possible to continue to run for not even a person, fuel, it such as is, everyone, it was forgotten. Than is I've no longer know.


People who keep running. People that is repeated. Same person. People different. same time. Different time. Also forget that there are things you forget happened, remain not even know you are going to go to somewhere to come again from somewhere, keep running. While feeling the noise and joy.


What it was abandoned.


Resistance of life. Freedom of remnants.


Or not the track has been carrying?

People who carry in one's hand a gun

Whether the result was what. In this way, nothing, nobody landscape is followed by no.

 All the old tales

End of story. Then, the road continues. It continues remaining. I wonder there's that someone is passing through? I wonder there's that something through?


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