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music016 a short free jazz horns 029


Words were lost. Meaning was also lost. sound. Sounds meaningless. car. bike. airplane. truck. Sound, sound. Just move. Just moving.
sound. sound. sound. The bird’s voice sinks between the noises. sound. sound. sound. The voice of the cicada sinks into the noise. There is no word. There is no voice. There is no conversation. Moving. Moving. But here is no use. Just move, move and sprinkle noises.
Run. It moves. noise. truck. car. bike. A passenger car. airplane. helicopter. Dry southern wind will not blow out.


Emptiness and noise, escape, reality, human beings, and science. With prison. With inferiority consciousness. Darkness and noise.
And also the sound of the plane. There is also a way to try the same word repeating method like this. Illusion of the South Island. List of words that makes little sense. Chaos to counter noise.
American movies. power. Words for business. Memory of summer days. Remembrance. Reality and memories.
Noise of the fan. Airplane noise. Sound of motorcycle. Around the time the reckless family was glamorous. Words that can not be sentences.


Light blue. Time goes by. It stains red. Time goes by. Dark blue comes. Get dark.
The moon rose. Drowsy. The noise is far away. It is sticking like a small groan. I will listen to the identity of the sound. Sound of airplane. Night flight. The sound of the ambulance is mixed. Something is groaning elsewhere. I keep growling.
The car passed by. The night continues. I heard the sound of the plane again.


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