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a tree and / another one in english

First, there was a picture.

The word came from after. So, in the picture there is an honest heart. Starting from the place that convinced so.

It came from after

Do not interfere with what was in the beginning. Do not kill what was at the beginning. It must be kept alive what was at the beginning.
However, the float is question. I wonder if it was needed came from after?

Unleash the mind.

Now the mind is the inverse of this landscape. So we asked for this landscape. This is the beginning of the words that came later. It claims that there is a significance to that unleashed the mind. Paradoxically even began.

One of the tree

One tree. Meaning is born to only one certain thing. Intention is born. That's might be the beginning of the mistake.

White cloud

It floats. And flock. They are floating around. Epithet that white in these words come together. Shadow is wavering.

blue sky.

If the background of clouds in the blue sky, followed by radiant and peaceful of.

Green space.

Ground if it is covered with green, it is filled with new ones. In other words, hope.

The opposite side of the landscape

Lose meaning. Lose the intention. Isolated. Sink. gray. And old rusty. In other words, despair.

Mind that are tied

Freedom is not. Preconceptions. prejudice.

Run away from the storage.

Yesterday bind the mind. Time bind the mind. Past bind the mind. Past that can do nothing. Helpless.

What looks unlikely to move

Only illusion, even if I thought, my heart is trapped in it. It is not possible to run away, and sometimes become lethargic. It was also willing to run away. The only means for it is facing before the escape.

Dream is to change the world?

Or That's fleeting dream. Lethargy or. Or vision.

Confusion, Hypnotic.

Not only throw away the time. Away from yesterday. Away from the memory. Escapism?

 Capture today

And, landscape and encounter, tried to capture the scenery. Captured it was, and I thought. It might be captured. The fact that caught it comes to time has passed. It's already past. Also begin to tie. I will be helpless. Captured by notice to the fact that did not go in.

I think tomorrow.

And, what is needed is, once again, let go of this landscape. Imagine the other side. Given the new landscape. Could it be really new?


Unexpectedly, it is or was yesterday landscape. Repetitive of it. After all, in the repetition, fleeting, I can only feel tomorrow and today. Once you forget to feel, all is in the past. Fleeting. Only for a moment.


Just a moment. Only to continue feeling it is a source of hope. Become the source of life. It comes to live. If you were only able to concentrate on the moment, it might for a fact that happiness.


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