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A little difference

A little difference I worked a little earlier. People going and leaving, the flow of cars is a bit different. It seems to be in a little hurry. Meanwhile, a bicycle jumped out of the corner. It was a boy who looked like a junior high school student. If I was driving a car, I was about 10 kilometers slower then I think I would have killed the boy. With that momentum, the bicycle came out. By the way, there was a car that kept away a bit at a tremendous speed. If that car was driving a bit more to protect the speed limit than a bit more, it may have killed this bicycle boy. Is it a great exclamation that a coincidence called a miracle saved a boy’s life. If my attendance time was a bit earlier, I was killing him, and at the same time, if I had a little more speed, I was killing him as well. If the car that ran ahead of time was a good driver, that it may have been dead, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I want to think about exaggerated things that Yoshimaru does not save people. Imagine…

Building a Linux environment

Building a Linux environment Chromium, Dropbox installation is over. This is also a test of input. Dropbox sync indicator ceases to appear. I do not know why. Perhaps he forgot something. However, synchronization itself is being done. Let’s treat this for now. I decided to reconsider the settings of various sites and services because it was awesome. Although I tried to reconsider the setting items that various things are convenient while not knowing, although it seems that it seems to be convenient, I have never used it without knowing so far , There are things that seem to not be used forcibly, and many have stopped only reviewing the terms of use. Although I did not have something to conclude, I thought that I wanted to discover myself, while I was repeating the words, though I was concerned about resetting this PC, I also reset what I wrote something I wonder if things like that are necessary. While understanding that short and easy-to-understand words are required, it seems to be…


Reinstall Lubuntu Linux The PC on which Lubuntu Linux was installed broke. It is software-like. I decided to reinstall because I can not grasp the cause. Because I failed with Lubuntu 17, I decided to install from Lubuntu 16. I wrote this far in the entry of yesterday. Lubuntu 16 The installation process proceeded and an error occurred in the process of installing the boot loader. I can not proceed or cancel the message that I can not write the boot loader. Since there is no choice, when you turn off the power and restart it, the message is that the boot loader can not be found. I decided to install it from scratch again. Last time I chose overwrite installation option. For this time, initialize the hard disk and install it. It takes time. Although it took a while to sleep, although it was in the form of checking the process from time to time with the PC left unattended, it may have been completed in less time, but it is so abstractly It is my life that I can not afford, at any rate,…

PC trouble

The PC that I always use has broken. To be precise, it means that the hardware has not been broken and the software has stopped running. That is, the software broke.

In order to write a blog sentence, I thought about the reuse of ASUS netbook which had been installed for a long time, Windows XP was originally installed. It is this spring. I installed Lubuntu Linux and started working enough for writing sentences. Since then, I have been using it for a long time and I've been familiar with Japanese input system as well.

As soon as I did the OS update as normal, it suddenly stopped working. During the update, I was working on another PC, and I was keeping my eyes off of it. Suddenly when I noticed it was black screen. While thinking about the automatic power saving function, touching it to check the progress status, only the mouse pointer is displayed, but it does not become brighter. Generally, if it was in sleep, it seemed like a login screen would appear, but that was not.

No ma…


Abstract reflection
A worthless person. It is different from the fact that adolescents can not find value to themselves. To be stupid. Even though life is going to be in the final stage, such exporting. I feel depressed. Should I say self-hatred?

Alienation and loneliness. However, anything such as money, friends, mistresses, families, etc that cheat it, but whatever it is, the essence of one's own will not change. Or, if there is a deception, will it be a consolation, or perhaps even a salvation? The real thing does not always save. There may be salvation only for fakes.

If you have value, you can be saved, for a cheap view of life. If you live long and think that only such a thing comes to mind, that is empty. It may be useless no matter what you think when you are at a loss. Just to be depressed.

I will solve it in psychology, because I think that this is also an easy thing. I do not think it is a waste, but it is not universal. Can people lead people? I wonder if we can lead …


Should we abstract introspection? It is annoying that you do not pay tribute to young people when you get old. To be frustrated is it for stupidity rather than for that young man himself? Because I was a young man who was once young, I might be mad about myself in my young days by seeing my own stupidity there.

It seems that the aged assault is on the rise. Looking at the television reflecting the person who explains the plausiblely explanation that the seniority value in the digital society is lost, inviting alienation and irritation, but five old people also respect the old people I felt that I never saw the "Tokyo story" that I did not come across.

It may not have been begun for now that old men are not respected, but I think that it may be recently that we can not give up what we can not be respected. I wonder if it is the present age that we can not give up, "We are happy." As a matter of fact, the old people at the end of the reputation of young people who h…

Give up

Give up The car is broken and it does not move. I attempted to fix what is wrong or whether the engine is bad, but there was no sign of healing. I gave up feeling that I tried various things. Is not it just to fix the car what you give up? I can not heal the car any longer. So I gave up, but giving up giving up for cars gave me up to deliver what I must deliver, by the day I was decided, that is the purpose of this trip I gave up on moving on my own from here , You will notice that. Not only that, I can not move from here, I have to give up on my life. If someone does not help you, I will die here. If you learned hunger and thirst, it would have been imminent, but I did not feel anything. Heat and impatience. Yes, at that time when the car stopped, I was in a hurry to have to deliver my bags in a hurry, but now I do not feel anything. Just giving up, I do not feel worried and exhausted. Just passing time. There is nothing to feel. Still, are words going around in my heart? What kind …


Inspection On the way to a long journey, the car broke down, so I stopped at the shoulder and inspected. What is wrong? I look into the engine room. The engine has stopped but the engine is not always bad. Still, he was deciding that the engine was bad. Do you have knowledge? No one can answer if it is said whether there was enough knowledge to decide that the engine is bad. Even if I could diagnose that the engine is bad, is there enough knowledge to fix the engine? There are parts? Where is the part of the engine found to be bad, do you have parts to fix it? There was something to confirm before that. There may be cases where even if there are no parts, there will be cases where it will only work with adjustment. Is there a tool? Without tools you can not fix it. Where I am watching from the side, there is no appearance of trying to find a tool, and I do not feel like trying to use a tool. In general, it is unreasonable to touch the engine part of a car just stopped with bare hands…


Stop Anyway, the car that has been running will stop moving. It stopped on the shoulder. It is attributed to foam. In the middle of a long journey Sleepiness is attacking. When I thought about stopping on the shoulder, the engine stopped. I tried calling over again, I thought that it took you, but it stops again soon. After several iterations, it stopped in this way. Beginning of a trip I was asked. Carrying things. A trunk with the goods in it. I do not know what it is. Luggage that was supposed to be there. What it was supposed to be. Consciousness to go away in the sun. Memory and stories. The memory of fake and the truth of the story. A story against himself. The story given by others. Is it a job? Destination Addressee. Reward. Days. Repeat procrastination. Destination and arrival. The journey that should have been shortened. Changing the story. There is a doubt that whether there really was a request. Then check the existence of the trunk. It is forbidden to see contents. I fan…

a driver

driver What is seen as being seen. What drives and what is being driven. Invert. Not alone Unless one is looking at it, nothing is being watched. If it can be said that there are many things, it can be said that no one exists. Is not there nothing, there is something? Iteration Repetitive ones are not conscious of the repetition. Unconscious repetition is not iterative. Believing that it is a one time thing, I am going through a single road, but it is not the car that is going forward, the road itself, not connected to the place where it should be connected, this road leading to where it should not be connected, where to go Despite being unable to do it makes me think that I can go anywhere. reality Continue to stay. Continue to stay until it is decayed. Even if you feel hungry, feel irritated, feel sorrow, feel anger, feel lonely, do not do anything. Just keep on waiting. what? In case Illusion Continue to stay, keep dreaming. A pleasant dream, an unlimited dream. In a dream of anot…


# Automobile
One road of the wilderness. There is a car on which nobody is riding on the way no one passes. Where did the person who got on board gone?

## Where did the car come from?
Where did you come from and where were you going? Its beginning is far away. As space, as time. A man of 100 people took this car and ran for a long long distance. It is said that he ran 100 years and ran a million kilometers.

And sometimes, being thrown away like this, it was picked up by someone else. Therefore, this scene is the end and the beginning. After all, at the end and the beginning, as before, everyone passed away in a way that never passed, and I picked it up.

Perhaps it should be turned back from why he was abandoned before that. I wrote that I dropped it, because the driver intended to get rid of it, so I wrote it like that, in fact the driver was abandoned from the car.

This car makes visitors see visions. The driver intends to drive another car. Always, I plan to be driving a new model …

The wilderness

The wilderness Should it be called an abandoned place? Should I call it a forgotten place? Should it be called an unknown place yet? No, it is not an unknown place. There is a single street here. There are roads, but no one passes. I do not pass anything. After all, will it be a forgotten place? So, someone may recall with something up and down. One road The fact that there are roads leads to somewhere. I wrote it. Is there a road that can not be connected anywhere? A mission without a purpose. A road not connected anywhere. A way I do not know why it was made. Therefore, no one passes. In case of a road that is not connected anywhere Even roads that are not connected anywhere were once connected to somewhere. Someone made the way to connect somewhere. Many people, many things were supposed to use it. There were no connected towns. One after another the town has gone. The road was stopped by the remains of the town. The remaining towns and ruins were cut off. I was forgotten that the…


Extremely What does it mean to free emotions? Sensually, what is a pleasure word? Or, do you try to fragment fragments of entertainment thoroughly? Horror. anxiety. Fear. blood. curse. anger. sorrow. sin. Work. punishment. Outrage. Illusion. desire. suppression. attack. Repel. Fight. violence. Foreign body, monster. An abandoned place. A person who was abandoned. Its anger and sorrow. Happy human inversion. Youth. Stupidity. Work that you must live while committing sin. Romance crisis. Difficult. gloss. Sensory. joy. sorrow. passion. Hostile things. Things that bring crisis. Empathy and beauty as a salvation against the crisis. Is it heterosexual or homosexual? Or is it in love with something unfamiliar? sensual beauty Physicality. symbol. Worshiping things. Ideas projected on objects. Fantasy. Do you settle down in a strange hobby? Illusion and mystery. How to make a dark flavor. Action adventure. Treasure hunt. Competition. thief. Strife. Underworld. Fantasy. Suspense. Reasoning. P…

Fragmentation method.

How effectively will you throw out words? It is different from haiku poetry, poetry, logic different from advertisement and novel, also different from essay. What are you asking for? What is your desire? What is consolation? sexy, beauty, cute, sensual Can you spread from these words? However, no direct modification is necessary. From the beginning, are you to make Japanese and English with Chapon? How to link images with words. How to turn those dolls to real? Possibility as a tool of narration. Possibility as a tool of entertainment. It is because I have it.

Right now, thinking, writing method is adopted. Make this more objective. The method of arranging words and sorting out later did not go well. Still, first of all, will you list the words that come up?

An analysis of what was being received. To be able to reflect freely the opponent's desire. That means it is an open form. Form as a tool. Image entertainment and word entertainment. What is the emotion to draw?

Consider seve…