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A coffee shop

A coffee shop A street with old ryokan. I have an old coffee shop. I wonder if there is still now. In those days, people at the post office motorcycle delivery staff were taking a break often. It is a story before postal privatization. It is a story after the collapse of the bubble economy. Memory is always summer sunshine, the more ambiguous whether it has entered the coffee shop, the more it is passing by that street, only the things that are watching the coffee shop from the outside. Moreover, the memory of the coffee shop feels like being mixed with the memory of another coffee shop. Perhaps it seems to me that it is confused with a coffee shop located in a step. Another store of another coffee shop I also remembered the coffee shop. It is not a cafe. It is a coffee shop. Because it was written as “cafe,” there is no doubt. Recently I have memories that I read scenario writer’s essay in magazines such as writing scripts at Starbucks. It seems that the use of the Internet has just…

Although it is reasonable

It is a good thing, but it is a continuation of what I continued with. I thought that it is reasonable to assume the reader in detail. No matter how much data it is, what comes out of the analysis is only the past. It is not suitable for creating something not yet seen. If emphasis is placed on data analysis, it is not an enlargement but a tapering.

People change. Desire changes. It is only a person in the past that can be assumed. Right now, is not it impossible to make use of any data? This is also a story that there is enough ability to utilize the data. Is not it rare enough that a person with that ability exists in this world? We must also talk about human beings with no such ability. Scenes that must be claimed to be useful in this world come. Rather than assuming what kind of opponent it is, it may be more useful to standardize or tag themselves.

It is only self-specification after all. However, if you draw yourself that you will self-regulate from various angles and comply wi…


I decided to write fragmentarily. Anyway, list up what you can think of. If we connect it, it seems that something new will come out, it was such an initial time, but when you actually do it, fragments are painful to read back. Because it's painful for myself too, for people, if you do not feel like reading or ignoring it, if you say that you do not want to read or ignore it, you can understand the relevance to a certain degree rather than the fragments, It has to be evoked and it must be chained, meaning and continuity of meaning, after all, I am making reflections as to whether it will be sentences which are settled to some extent after all .

Short and concise sentences are said to be good, but such sentences are not fun to read. On the other hand, a sentence that continues to be long, there is fun that makes it impossible to stop reading when you ride on that rhythm. It is difficult to write long sentences. Because it can be difficult, that person's sentences will be speci…

Words to talk directly to

I read what is said to call popularity formally spoken to. I thought that it was, but I thought it was not my style. There should not be one way. There will be some way.

It is not money or affection. I do not even think I will become a charismatic. So what can we give here? Maybe some truth in life. Even if it is myself, it can not be defined as this. There is no confidence that we can truly make it clear in this process. Still, if I was in the attitude of recording, I think that it should not be in vain. Can we say that we are moving forward with just our thoughts?

I dislike a person who talks as I understood. Many in IT relations and advertising relations. It is also full of web space. Although it is only a success that is fraudulent, I see something of a considerable attitude. There can not be life in front of forty. Such a thing is a misunderstanding. Economic success and knowing about life are irrelevant.

And, until this writing, I notice the time when I write out strange things…

Words of interest

In the case of images, what inspired you? Flower bird flying moon, and incense color, may not it end up in such a place? Other, as general things that impress us, health, tech, friendship, love, family, boys jump and NHK. State. patriotism. Safety, security, protection.

There may be still. Regardless of abstract classification, what is concrete? Looking at the search of the net, there are many things about celebrities overwhelmingly. It seems that no matter which country. It can be said that there are many cases where you simply think and search.

Words to argue or opinion are useless. What is needed is relief and comfort. Pleasant words. It is different from reading a book. It does not call for knowledge. Only comfort is what I want.

Look for words that are needed under these conditions. Is it flowing abstract too much? Rather, can not you find it from being close to your own interest? Difficult to find concrete subjects in ambiguous form. Still, if you connect words, you have hope o…

A vacation

Let's do summer vacation, I thought that I should take a break from writing. Though I thought about uploading from what I had written before, I thought of what to do, as I thought, if it was, I thought if it was faster to write a new one.

I want to write something strange. It is novelty for himself. I want something exciting. A sentence that knows the knot is boring. You probably do not need to get bored.

And, I thought this would be a repetitive synonym for what I wrote earlier. Apparently, it seems that human beings are not supposed to think of new things. It seems that it gets dragged around if you notice it.

Impression of everyday life, etc. It is good that it got strengthened if you exclaimed mercy exemption, but it is so exhausted. Then it will inevitably turn to everyday life, or write sorts of bastards criticisms and impressions on events in the world. I already feel like I've already written such things.

Sometimes I want to write about politics and society. I also wa…


A room in the building that is the ruins.
Two persons. However, not interesting just standing. Need something movement. Setting is required. Where someone, what kind of personality. But is not it have to first in the firm it does not anyway longer. The idea of ​​improvisation, may be determined appropriately to one to write. Because not even necessarily ask the acting to someone.
So, how to think. Anyway, interesting, that. Why, here or are you, how are how thought of that, if you do not decide this truly, do not do not put out says.
Not a place where so much people to enter. There are people in the abandoned place. I wandered I do. It did fled.
First, let us consider that it wandered. Mistake it was entered. The wrong one corner, wandered. No, it not so, is convinced that wandered. Is the meeting place has been lost.

So, two people who had been waiting, but he will be called, even strange things happened here. Go out to a party, I had been waiting with friends at a nearby party ven…

the adveture

I do not want to write a novel, but I think whether a novelist is necessary. Is it also called a story? In order to feel interesting as reading, it is necessary to make it think that something happens and what will happen to that end?

It is a lot more than a novel, but if it is arranged, it is a play rather than a novel, but the first settlement is a composition of poetry, like a poem, and so on.

Many of the sentences of the blog are modeled on the essay composition method. There is a conclusion of what, it is a sentence composition to prove it. Write a conclusion in the head, present the argument, compile the argument, and write the conclusion again.

The essay statement is clear, but it is boring. I know the conclusion. If you can sympathize with the conclusion, you can pay attention to proof, but if you can not sympathize, proof etc, no matter what. In other words, the sentences of this hand are only friends of the same idea, nodding so. The same kind gathers. Therefore, it is effe…

I dropped a coin.

I dropped the money and rolled on the back of the vending machine. The money dropped on the back of the vending machine. It is a coin. When I got a good age, I got lost because I reached out to the gap, it happened that someone in the store setting up this vending machine saw it, he said, I will pick you up. While I missed the opportunity to refuse, I seemed to have gone far back, and I returned to the shop to find an affordable stick. The person of the store brought in the broom, hardly inserted it into the gap and wrote the small change. Thank you very much, others saying no words coming up, I took the change and went off, but at least it should have added a blue skirt, or something, but it also seems to be great Say, wasting the coin is to lose the money of the earth forever, etc, suddenly suddenly, the blue ruffled Fujinura historic site was concerned and tried searching on Google. I noticed that somehow I thought that the place of Fujisuna residence was the place of “Ten writing…

Humorous harmless words

Humorous harmless words It continues to test how it is translated by Google’s automatic translation. I am enjoying strange English and strange Japanese. Or, I am surprised to have some kind of words. Write a blog like this, I read several books like that access grows like this. I can not accept it. I guess the access will surely grow, but I guess it will be interesting. It would not be fun, but I do not like being boring. There is no answer to this kind of thing. I wrote, wrote, and thought that it would be something that would appear somewhere. However, it is unavoidable that it seems like it is now to write what he thought, but it is also the reality that there is only to start from there. While reading some essays, I thought that I felt somewhat disgusting. While looking at people pretend me to pretend to be pretending, sentences are often disgusted without knowing nothing. Let’s show this, let me show you, I feel like this, I will be white when I see through my intention such as …

words count

words count It seems that it can measure how much it is being read, but how accurate is it? It seems to calculate based on display time. It is not necessarily that the display time and reading are equal. If you construct reasoning based on data that may be inaccurate, the likelihood of being an error increases. Therefore, it may be necessary to doubt that 1,000 letters on the street are good, 2000 is good, 3000 or more characters are never read. I would like to find out how long it is good in my own way. “Drop in” and “Write down” If I was concerned with the word of dropping in, I saw Soseki’s “write down” expression in Atsushi Goto “Battle with modern Japanese literature”. Masaharu Numata “Birds that she does not know its name” Structurally the same as “Fifty Shades of Gray”? Can it be called Harlequin type? Modified Cinderella Story, Transformed My Fair Lady, Can we do such a description? Contrary to the evil decoration, the skeleton is romantic.
Can you say that it will be such a s…

A Day after the storm

A Day after the storm Hot days continues. Last night was a storm. I am sleepy and today I am vague. What will happen if I write the floating words in my mind while I am idle. Is the emotion moving? Malaise, pity, discomfort. Is it such a place? I feel uncomfortable with the bad reaction of the computer system. On television it reports the scandal of Princess Diana. It seems strange to report hard about the deceased Crown Princess of another country. The residuals of the British Empire? I find that quoting these media is different. Nevertheless, I can not write my daily work. I think that writing personal circumstances is also unavoidable. Where I went there, it might be a sightseeing spot, a restaurant, a party, but I would like to confirm that I am happy by recording such a thing, Is it a blog? I also hear that blogs are being used even for corporate advertisements. In this case Oita, is not there a lie? Aside from any kind of falsehood, what is being said is the goodness of the com…

Think about the quality of WEB information obtained by member registration and payment

Think about the quality of WEB information obtained by member registration and paymentMost people disappoint after paying money or registering as a member. Oh, what I think is good to pay is rare. Paid newspaper articles etc. are not bad, but it seems to me that the question of whether there was anything that only money was paid, or whether there was only a matter of registering membership. I guess it is because I can not find a qualitative difference from what I get for free. Compared with predictors of betting tickets and information shops of police, we conclude that WEB ‘s information shop says that it can only be heard here by this information View. Often I’m thinking about something to say as deadly, or somewhere else to get it. From this point of view, if there is a response that it can only be obtained here, even if it is boring, I do not think there is any regret for paying money. Is not it fascinating to think about my own psychology about consuming on the web a little more?…